Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two is Better than One (or is it?)

Growing up in America, outside a bastion of Orthodox Jewry (AKA Brooklyn), I, at a young age became familiar with a truly unique (and sad) American Liberal "Jewish" phenomenon known as the "Chemple". It was an unfortunate reality ...that in many communities people of all faiths were becoming so apathetic and turned off to organized religion, that it was impossible for religious groups to maintain and fund independent institutions by themselves. So, born was the Chemple, Temple on Saturday, Church on Sunday... Now my friends, in the true spirit of American Liberalism and Multiculturalism, I'd like to introduce everyone to the "Temosque"...

(I wonder when the Messiah comes and the Temple is rebuilt, if will they rent out the space to other religions (or sporting events) during slow times???)